A faith-based approach to organizational unity.

We compiled our years of vocational insights, theological training, and consulting experiences with faith-based organizations, schools, and corporations into the resource we wish existed when we started.


Years of experience


Organizations we've worked with previously

Why Cultural Engagement?

If you’re working in an established diversity office, serving on a diversity committee, or establishing a new effort at your organization, we exist to help you cultivate your skills to be successful.

Our Beliefs

We believe Jesus is Lord, in the authority of Scripture, in the dignity of every image bearer, and that a Christian worldview informs every area of life.


Our Vision

We equip Christian leaders to cultivate unified teams with cross cultural reach


Our Methods

We sidestep shame-based approaches to DEI by offering constructive training that equips leaders and resources teams.


Our Mission

Help leaders build faith-based sustainable programming for cross-cultural engagement



We are based in the Research Triangle in North Carolina

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